What is the Reformed Philosopher?

“Become a Philosopher”

The Reformed Philosopher is a blog engaging in Philosophy and Theology from a Reformed perspective.


Where do I begin? 

The Reformed Philosopher is constantly searching for new mediums to serve its users. Presently, our blog is the most developed part of our system for new users to learn about Reformed Philosophy and Theology. Our blog is designed to be broad in its scope, with a Reformed Philosophical focus. Our goal is to wed accessibility and substance.

Our new podcast, intended to take listeners from a general knowledge of philosophical categories, to a more fully developed view, has just released. The podcast can be accessed by clicking on the tab above; our first season is devoted to an statement and justification of the Reformed Philosopher system.

In addition to this, you are always welcome to ask your questions on our Facebook group: The Reformed Philosopher’s Society. The Society is a free-exchange platform which anyone can access and interact in, ask his or her questions, and grow as a Philosopher.

We also regularly post updates on various social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Our goal is that, through these mediums, our mission might be furthered and our users might be encouraged daily.



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