The Growing Philosopher S1

In this first season of The Growing Philosopher host Aaron Lague joins many guests to discuss Philosophy and subjects related to Philosophy. Here contributors discuss Literature, the Christian life, and even church abuse from a distinctly philosophical perspective. The goal of the podcast is that the listener be intellectually edified, made a better philosopher.

The Growing Philosopher Season I

Conversations on the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas

This three part series is a segmented conversation regarding the structure, content, and significance of Thomas Aquinas as a Philosopher. Thomas has often been regarded as the towering figure of Roman Catholicism, whereas here the case is made that his work is helpful for Protestants as well. Here his approach, Metaphysics, and ethics are discussed. The goal of this podcast is that the listener read Thomas for himself and thereby grow as a person and thinker.

The Philosophy of Thomas (Podcast)


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