The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas

In this conversation, Michael Hall and Patrick Steckbeck discuss the Philosophy of the great thinker Thomas Aquinas. Though generally claimed by Roman Catholics, in recent times (and in times past) Thomas has been appropriated by many Reformed Theologians. The goal of this series of podcasts is to provide a basic introduction to the Philosophy of Thomas that the listener might go and read him for himself and thereby know the truth more fully.

Thomism as an Approach to Philosophy

In this segment, Michael discusses aspects of Thomas basic to his philosophy. He also discusses our reception of Thomas, particularly how he is perceived at a social level. Michael argues that Thomas and his philosophy can and should be helpfully appropriated by Reformed Theologians for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

Thomism as an Approach to Philosophy (PODCAST)

Thomistic Metaphysics

This segment is a part of the broader discussion which focuses particularly on the Metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas. Thomas’s Metaphysics is thick and, at first, hard to understand; yet wading through his thought is well worth it. Thinking Metaphysically is, according to Thomas, the highest form of thought Philosophy can manage.

Thomistic Metaphysics (Podcast)

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